Sexy lingerie is and has always been a symbol of feminine sensuality, which is designed to protect and simulate and, sometimes to hide the most intimate area of their body. At least that was the concept of underwear in the 1850s, when was managed the first pair of under pants. Obviously is not called underwear or bikini at the time, but they become indispensable to wear underneath clothes. They were bulky, close up to the ankles, and under no circumstances, their public exposure was not allowed.

Only in the 20th century, when dance became part of every woman’s life and the risk of underwear being exposed became larger, their size was reduced to around the knees. By 1920, the term lingerie was invented in France and panties, corsets, bustier, nigh ties and other parts being part of this group began appearing in pastel colors. Until then, they had strict hygienic purposes and, as their name implies, there were only white as sheets or bedclothes to be easily disinfected by boiling without discoloring.

Frederick’s of Hollywood was the first sexy lingerie shops (although in present days not believe that peppers or bras panties covering half of sexy torso would be something to call sexy) and was opened in the interwar period in Los Angeles. Most people still see this type of lingerie with lace and ribbons, corsets and panties as for prostitutes or strippers colored. Pair it with bad girl’s underwear brand out Frederick’s of Hollywood in the market; it was replaced by Victoria’s Secret, a brand more respectable at the time, which was maintained until today.

Regardless of brand, underwear became more sexy, more challenging, the materials, and colors more powerful. Silk, lace and satin, slowly made their way on the lingerie market place and allowed to cuts lingerie that is more daring to demonstrate that light and small is primarily more comfortable for daily wearing and only secondarily let foresee female empowerment, that will follow shortly.

Around 1960 what happened what today is know as the sexual revolution. This is the history moment when panties became more cut and turned from a hygienic product into a symbol of feminine eroticism. Corsets turned from the usual clothing lingerie pieces to support and highlight breast and nigh ties were shortened and became more challenging. By 1975, inspired by the Brazilian dancers at carnival in Rio, the sexy underwear with string panties came into fashion. Their names, thongs, was given right here in Brazil, where they quickly became the most popular. By the end of 1980 they were already in fashion around the world and are not only a woman’s underwear, but also its swimsuit. Since then the thong panties were highlighted as market leaders in the linen, and with it, the rest of the feminine linen began to be perceived as a method of seduction for women around the world.

As the evolution of fashion, underwear has evolved in shape, but its purpose will always remain the same: to highlight the sensuality of the female form.
The sexy lingerie industry relies on women’s desires to be very seductive, so it is easy to choose from a wide variety lingerie models the favorite one.

During her existence the sexy lingerie were awarded with numerous qualities as sensuality, beauty, mystery, seduction and nowadays, achievements, inventions or creations. It was the muse for some, reason of war for others, some have seen it as a means of reconciliation, but most of people (women and men) brought their tributes. They were created and creates beautiful in this world being a gratitude to the woman.

Jewelry, sexy underwear, perfume, the clothes are just a few of the hundreds of tributes to femininity. Each time and fashion designer has put his own stamp on women’s outfit. One cut, one has added a stylized other, and that is how it came to have today linens that barely cover the private parts of the body or extravagant fashion collections from season to season.

All these “touch” were necessary and represented a great leap from the cotton panties with ruffles that delighted gentlemen to a new ways of express the femininity. Yet, one thing has remained unchanged all these years, the fashion designers effort to consummate the women body and highlight his shapes.
All agree when say that sexy lingerie is one of the most powerful weapons of seduction that a woman can have. When this weapon is used with a dose of attitude, it becomes fatal. A woman with this attitude is always a mysterious and fascinating. The air full of confidence, walking, gestures, smile that it displays, all of them cause those around them to want her body uncovered.

A woman’s body could look perfect in the some eyes and imperfect in other’s eyes. It should not care about on how look in the eyes of others, as long as the sexy lingerie has the power to flaunt the defects by turning them into taste and refinement. Using this kind of lingerie a woman can turn into an instant splendor.