The bridal lingerie is an intimate accessory, with an important role in defining the overall look of bride. Even if it is worn beneath the gown, wearing the appropriate underwear model may help define the shape and placement of the dress. Bridal underwear is specially designed for brides who want to emphasize their femininity and be attractive in their wedding night.

The wedding day is a special day that is why each bride wants feeling like a queen. So definitely, every bride will want to wear a set of more special underwear. Most brides are choosing to wear under their dresses a two-piece underwear set: bra and panty. But they are chosen by clear criteria: the bridal lingerie has to be a particularly model with lace push- up bra, maybe a bikini seamless. Why all these criteria? Because every bride wants to look perfect on your wedding day and the commercially available collections are with full push-up bras, decorated with lace and other extra fine quality decorations. This push up bra model helps the bride to come to the altar with a lovely neckline. The most popular colors are white and cream.


For future ladies who want to surprise their husband from the first night of marriage, the recommend model of bridal lingerie might be the baby doll. The pieces that make up this model are sexy, romantic and also elegant. A bridal sexy lingerie properly chosen, according to the personality of the couple adds excitement and romance in the bedroom. The most popular colors are red, black and inevitable, white. Even if it is worn under the wedding dress, it can be kept especially for the wedding night.

If the bride wants more daring bridal linen models, she can opt for a set of fitting bridal underwear. The moments which is stressing women, especially in their wedding day (tights leaving on foot sniffer, bra straps are too tight and give or do let traces or no bra strap and then has to be raised). All these points have been intuited by the designers and have led to a model of bridal lingerie easy and versatile to wear, the body stocking bridal linen. These models are bringing together basically all the accessories that a bride wears underneath in one piece. These models follow the body, as an intimate accessory useful for defining forms.

bridal2Bodice, corsets and girdles are the brides favorite “songs”, when they are choosing their wedding underwear. Most versatile corsets models are equipped with rear lane. They are the ideal accessory for shaping silhouette, the best models reaching a contouring silhouette of 6-8 cm. In trade there are models equipped with rear lacing strips and decorated with lace or embroidered. Again, the most common colors are white and cream.

On her wedding day, the bride will be important to look flawless in front of the groom and her guests, but to succeed it she must feel confident and comfortable both in the bride dress and in the underwear worn under thereof.

One of the trends in the bridal lingerie is the lace underwear, because 2014 is a year of femininity and delicacy, of pastel colors and easily feminine silhouettes, which is why the underwear is crafted of lace with the largest magnitude.

bridal3Orientated to two pieces made ​​of fine lace sites (sky blue, blush pink, cream, ivory or white matt) and for sure made that the bride feel sexy and confident as possible in both wedding day and wedding night.

Another trend is the silk underwear, because is one of the finest and nicest materials. Not only this material it feels very pleasant on the skin, but also helps to shape beautiful and feminine silhouettes. Because silk underwear is chic, sexy and comfortable this can be a great option on the big event.

One of the latest trends in the wedding domain is the vintage style; that is why the vintage style lingerie is the third popularity trend in 2014. The brides who are not afraid to choose the vintage wedding are choosing the retro style lingerie such as corsets, high waist underwear and body sites in light or pastel shades and slightly retro edge.

bridal4Last but not least are the powerful underwear colors like the red bridal underwear. In the recent years, brides have increasingly and more strayed of dress and underwear traditional colors. This, this trend has become stronger by suggesting red underwear just for brides. Bold, sensual and defining as the color of love, the red color will definitely make the bride to feel sexy and appealing at the one of the most important life events that she will take part.

Brides have to choose their bridal lingerie model considering the material it is made the bride dress. The bridal underwear models made ​​of quality materials and having fine cuts guarantees their optimal comfort and the silhouette shape on wedding day.

Before buying lingerie for honeymoon or wedding night bride have make sure that fits perfectly on her body. Many women choose to buy their bridal lingerie online. They have to be sure about their size or at least that measurements on the site are suitable to them. The online stores provide standard measurements, but they can be called and asked for clarification on bride size and adapt them (e.g. size S can be a little wide even if the bride is thin, but the XS can fit more perfectly).

Once the package have been received the bride should try the ordered underwear, because if is not fitting can there the return option and can buy the right size for her.

For the remaining nights of the honeymoon bride don’t need to hesitate to dress all in negligees but she can use different colors (black, red, fuchsia or any other color she like) to obtain more pleasant moments with her partner.


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