The bridal lingerie is an intimate accessory, with an important role in defining the overall look of bride. Even if it is worn beneath the gown, wearing the appropriate underwear model may help define the shape and placement of the dress. Bridal underwear is specially designed for brides who want to emphasize their femininity and be attractive in their wedding night.

A woman’s elegance begins with the underwear she is wearing. For a woman important is the way she feels confident in her, and regarding the lingerie, she focuses on the quality not on quantity, that it’s better to have 2 sets of quality lingerie than 5 pairs of bras and panties that do not matchRead more »

What makes a woman feel really confident, attractive, powerful and desirable? How many of men realize how many hours of work were necessary for a woman to getting out of the house dignified? She is now confident, smartly dressed, hairstyle, makeup and perfume. It is said that the safety of women comes from within, fromRead more »

In a world where stress, fatigue, and boredom are daily happening and the sex appetite gradually begins to disappear, the lack of regular sexual activity becomes the reason of many divorces; and, as always, the woman posses the key to reignite the passion at the end of a busy day. With lingerie as much asRead more »